parameterized-trigger-plugin update 2.35.2 -> 2.36 not starting jobs in postbuild

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parameterized-trigger-plugin update 2.35.2 -> 2.36 not starting jobs in postbuild

Michael Augustin
Hi reader,

I use the parameterized-trigger-plugin to trigger other jobs as post-build actions in a Template-job using the template-project-plugin in version 1.5.2 . This was working fine since months.

My setup with many jobs like JOB1 using a common build-configuration from a Template job.

-> use builder from: Template1_job

-> do all build-steps for many jobs like JOB1
-> post-build action: Trigger parameterized job: JOB_A and JOB_B

-> update a build status page with information from JOB1

-> do something with the archived artifacts of JOB1

The Template1_job is used by many jobs all sharing the same build-steps and post-build-actions.

Yesterday I've updated Jenkins from 2.150.1 to 2.222.3 and the parameterized-trigger-plugin to version 2.36. I recognized that some builds don't trigger follow-up builds, that should be triggered from post-build actions in the Template job. The build console showed not the usual output as for example:

[parameterized-trigger] Properties file did not exist.
Not triggering due to missing file - did you archive it as a build artifact ?
Triggering a new build of JOB_A

There was just no output regarding this part of the job in the console log.

I tried to change the JOB1, added post-build-action "Use alll publisher from: Template1_job". This worked in regards that now all post-build-actions from the Template1_job got executed, except the "trigger parameterized job" action from Template1_job-post-build actions. Other actions like log-parser plugin or archive artifacts got executed.

I downgraded Jenkins to 2.176.3 but this doesn't help either. Only a downgrade of the parameterized-trigger-plugin back to version 2.35.2 worked.

Does anybody had the same situation?

Thanks for any help.


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