pipeline model definition building and matrix support

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pipeline model definition building and matrix support

Jeremy Marshall

I was looking at the pipeline model definition but I can't build it as it errors

mvn install

[ERROR] /XXX/src/github/pipeline-model-definition-plugin/pipeline-model-definition/target/generated-sources/groovy-stubs/org/jenkinsci/plugins/pipeline/modeldefinition/validator/ModelValidatorImpl.java:[11,158] org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.modeldefinition.validator.ModelValidatorImpl is not abstract and does not override abstract method validateElement(org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.modeldefinition.ast.ModelASTValue) in org.jenkinsci.plugins.pipeline.modeldefinition.validator.ModelValidator

Is there a specific version of Java I  need?

$ javac -version

We are keen on the declarative pipelines at my actual job because we like configuration as code and we usually have Jenkins as a thin wrapper around makefiles

What I was interested in doing was adding matrix jobs in

such as

pipeline {
  agent any
= 'a', 'b', 'c'
= 'x', 'y', 'z'
('Example') {
"Hello ${axis1} ${axis2}"

Where it would run the stages in parallel for each of the 9 combinations

I was thinking there could be prune and ordering closure(s) like I did in the matrix-groovy-execution-strategy plugin

I see there are issues with Blue Ocean and matrix jobs so I was thinking this might avoid that by just creating a bunch of stages with parallel steps


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