pipeline with docker and warnings (pylint)

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pipeline with docker and warnings (pylint)

kristian kvilekval
I am trying to create a pipeline step that will display pylint warnings.  I have a docker container with the code which will write a /reports/pylint.log file 

I would like to run the  container and wait for the container to exit before executing the warning plugin on the resulting file.  
What I see instead is the container is started in daemon mode and the stopped/removed immediately.

Here is my example:

  stage ("Build") {
    def image = docker.build ("biodev.ece.ucsb.edu:5000/bisque06", '.')
    stage ("Test"){
      def workspace = pwd()
      image.withRun ("-v ${workspace}/reports:/reports", "bootstrap pylint unit-tests") { c->
        // WAIT FOR run to be completed.. 
        warnings canComputeNew: false, canResolveRelativePaths: false, defaultEncoding: '', excludePattern: '', healthy: '', includePattern: '', messagesPattern: '', parserConfigurations: [[parserName: 'PyLint', pattern: 'reports/pylint.log']], unHealthy: ''

Any help appreciated.

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