removing moved repos from project folder

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removing moved repos from project folder

Matt Beary

I've been trying to clean out some repositories from one of our projects' Jenkins folder, which had been moved to our "Deprecated" project (which is not built).

After moving the repo, I:
  • see that the repo folder is disabled, but the branches inside are not
  • am able to delete individual builds from the record
  • do not see a 'delete' option for the master branch, or for the repo page
  • appending '/disable' to the master branch page (see this stackoverflow answer) brings me to the 'did you mean to post?' page, but gives me permission errors when I confirm.
  • appending '/delete' to either of those pages does bring me to the confirmation page, but gives permission errors when I confirm.
for clarity, I do have the ability to delete both other jobs and other multibranch-pipeline-style jobs per the stackoverflow link above.

Is there something I'm missing to allow me to clean this out?

Thanks for your help,

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