ruby-runtime plugin interfering with classpath of Maven projects

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ruby-runtime plugin interfering with classpath of Maven projects

Andrew Brock

I've got an already-working Java project building via maven, but when I then enable the Jenkins ruby-runtime-plugin in order to build a separate, unrelated Ruby project, I'm seeing the issue described here:

In a nutshell, if you have the ruby-runtime plugin installed, this particular Maven plugin fails to work - seemingly because the ruby-runtime's version of the HAML gemfile is being invoked instead of the one provided by the Maven plugin.
I'm looking for some guidance as to where the blame lies: with the Jenkins plugin or the Maven plugin itself.

I wouldn't have expected that a Ruby Jenkins plugin should be put on the classpath of a Maven build - or at the very least, that it should be appended last?

Any suggestions as to how to proceed?


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