vSphere cloud plugin with several VM Images

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vSphere cloud plugin with several VM Images

Hello together,

I am making use of the vSphere cloud plugin to automatically generate slaves from a VM image. This works perfectly fine for the first image but I have to build my application for several platforms and therefore created another VM with a different compiler installed and wanted to create another Image in the plugin. I did not make to set this up. The first try was to just add another template at the same cloud: here I get an error message during configuration when I use the "Test connection" button (java.lang.NullPointerException: None of url, username can be null) where the first template still is working.
When I add another vSphere cloud with the same settings and add the template there, configuration works well but when a agent is to be created nothing happens with another Exception in the logs (I am not sure if related to that):
sorry, the exception does not show up in the log - the log is not  updated sometimes, it stayed a day behind when I tried to reproduce yesterday....

Any ideas for me? I plan to make more use of different templates for acceptance testing purposes later so that kind of hits me hard.

Best regards,

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